Songs Without Lyrics

In my free time, I really enjoy videography. Specifically, for the past three years, I have been videoing moments in my life that aren’t necessarily significant, but moments that remind me to live each and every moment to the fullest. After a year, I combined all of the videos into one comA very significant part of these videos are the songs that I choose. Through this, I have come to realize how powerful some songs are even without lyrics. For example, “Outro” by the M83 has very limited lyrics, but the instrumental section is so powerful that I get chills every time. When I listen to songs similar to “Outro,” I close my eyes and visualize my life. This situation that I create in my head, while it is not real, makes me motivated to keep working hard academically and athletically. The intention of these songs is to express emotion, and to not focus on the words in the song rather everything else. The simplicity of this creates space for one’s thoughts and interpretations, which is why songs with little to no lyrics are so powerful.

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