Enthography Field Notes

Card for Graduation

While in Tampa for this school year, I had the opportunity to coach my high school softball team. I already had many close bonds with some of the girls on the team, however this additional year has made them some of my best friends. Specifically, I have become very close with the seven seniors graduating this year. I am writing graduation cards for all of them, and they are very similar to the letter I wrote to my brother on his Kairos. Within these letters, I am giving the girls some advice I have learned in college, and emphasizing how proud I am of them. I feel little pressure when writing these cards because I am writing it in a conversational format. I do not expect any response or feedback from these letters, but I hope they take my advice and realize all their accomplishments that it took for them to graduate. While writing these letters, I was sad because I am going to miss coaching these girls so much, but I am happy because I know they are all so excited to go to college.

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