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Analysis of A Religion Essay

I began this essay three days prior to its due date. I worked on it at my favorite coffee shop, DI Coffee, which is where I am most productive. After every two hours, I would take a break from this essay and work on something else. I discovered that I really enjoyed working on this essay because I did not cram myself and procrastinate until the last minute. I found that I was digging deeper into the topic, and learned a lot more because I was enjoying writing. This essay required a formal tone with proper writing conventions and MLA formatting. I do not mind this structuring because it is very organized and neat. This is the first of my two exam grades for the class, so it is worth 30% of my grade. While this is very stressful, I am happy that I learned a lot about the Bible, specifically 1 Samuel 17, along the way. This essay is for my professor to demonstrate a deep analysis of a Bible passage of our choice. I chose 1 Samuel 17 because it is one of the first written stories including an underdog narrative. I am hoping to receive a good grade on this essay, and if not, I hope that I can make the corrections to my next essay.


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